Ibn Al Walid ...the strategist companion

Khaled Ibn Al-Walid was not just a Muslim military leader,The prophet of God  didn't call him the drawn sword of God in vain .He was not chosen by the world among the top twenty soldiers of history vainly ,He led the military strategic thinking of mankind.

Khalid Ibn Al Walid Ibn El Mughira Makhzoumi Al Qurashi,This companion whose fame spread in the east and the west countries during the first half of the seventh century A.D . He was one of the reasons why Islam defeated all its enemies. He is considered the first military leader to use psychological warefare tactics in his wars ,He also  was famous for his planning and skill in leading the muslim armies .

"Ibn Al Walid" is one of the few leaders in history who have not been defeated in any battle his whole life time,He has not been defeated in more than hundred battle against numerically eminent forces such as  that of the Byzantine Roman Empire and the Persian Empire and their allies,In addition to many other arab tribes . He was also famous for his decisive victories in the battles of the Yamamah, Alice and Al Faraed,and the tactics that he used in the battle of Walaja and Yarmouk.

The " drawn sword of God"  depended  on  attacking  his enemies leaders directly  in his battles to direct psychological blows to his enemies' morales and make their lines trouble,He also adopted in his wars  the  skirmishes style to exhaust his enemies' power,Then make raids against the wings as he did in the battle of Walaja when he used an unusual version of the pinner tactic.