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Research reported by : Prof. Dr. Alaa Al-Nahri, Translated by: R kamel 25 Oct

150 Emirati researchers and space engineers lead the Arab locomotive to explore other planets

It was said within the tract that the world Mars bears the Arabic tongue, which the term “Mars” goes back to the Arabic origin, “Amarkh,” which that word means “red spots,” so that they said within the narrations, “the bull of Amarkh”, meaning a bull

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Written by: Marwa Raslan, Translated by: R kamel 12 Oct

The Red Oasis: an Algerian pearl in the heart of the Great Sahara

"The pearl of the desert".. this is often how I described in brotherly Algeria, it's characterized by a novel architectural and concrete character. it's surrounded on all sides by hills and tiny hills that gave it a degree of privacy, so i used to be taken refuge for everybody

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Written by: Fathi Al-Nwishi, Translated by :Rkamel 25 Sep

Kuwait Towers: a Bedouin heritage that expresses the incense burner, sprinkler and kohl

With a design that expresses the Bedouin heritage supported the incense burner, sprinkler and kohl, the Swedish engineering office Lindstrom oversaw the planning of the Kuwait Towers, which began its idea in 1963, but stopped for five years, before it reappeared in 1968, and also the Yugoslavian

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Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset 11 Jul

A Moroccan strategy to preserve 40 species of birds of prey

The Kingdom of Morocco is preparing , as a major area for birds of prey, to launch a massive land-based environmental strategy to preserve this species of birds through the joint collaboration of the research team concerned with protection of the birds in Morocco, (Gribom- Bird life, Morocco), the

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written: by Amira Abd El Basset 28 Mar

international strategy for the conservation of Tunisian barbary sheep

The General Department of Forests of Tunisia, the Ministry of Local Affairs and the Environment of Tunisia, in cooperation with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) adopted the first strategic plan ,which ends in 2050, for the conservation of four species of barbary

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