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Safari in Egypt: Sand skiing tourism

"Safari" .. is one amongst the kinds of road trips that Egypt is known for round the world, Mary places that are rich in it made it a destination for that sort of tourism, especially as these places combine primitive tranquility and therefore the fragrantness of history, additionally to the splendor of untamed nature.


This type of excursion spread in several areas, most notably "Sinai", especially the town of Dahab, which is found on the Gulf of Aqaba, which is about 100 kilometers far from town of Sharm el-Sheikh, and about 87 kilometers off from the town of Nuweibaa, that city that was famous for its golden sand color, until it overwhelmed thereon, it got that name "Dahab", because it is legendary for its pristine beaches, and diving sites rich in coral reefs.

The city of Dahab was famous for its safari trips thanks to its nature and ancient history, because it may be a sea port on the Gulf of Aqaba, and within the nineties of the last century it began to flourish, until it became a destination for skydivers, ice climbing, safari trips, and everybody who wants to enjoy nature Mountain and desert, and that they favor to relax and relax aloof from the noisy tourist places, to enjoy the rich sandy beaches With unique Bedouin tents, additionally to the presence of the many places for practicing desert sports, camel riding, safari and diving.

Sinai abounds with mountain ranges of various colors and shapes interspersed with variety of oases, archaeological and spiritual sites, and also the only thanks to explore it's wild trips, whether by four-wheel drive or by camels, as some mountain safari enthusiasts head to mountain ranges like the mountains of Saint Catherine, Moses, and Ain Sokhna, so as to look at animals. Desert, migratory birds, while others head to valleys and eyes, especially Ayyun al-Qadeerat, Umm Ahmad, Farqah, Ferran Oasis, and therefore the Colored Valley, which is one among the natural wonders in Sinai, with a mean height of 40 meters.

As for wild fishing enthusiasts, they sometimes resort to El-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah in North Sinai, or the character reserves within the south, the perfect environment for safari tourism, like the "Ras Muhammad" reserve, whose beaches are characterized by coral reefs, endangered sea turtles and rare aquatic organisms, and it's also home to several Rare birds and animals, including the Nubian ibex in mountainous regions, and lots of sorts of reptiles and insects.

As for the sea, its complex chains are usually directed to lovers of rock climbing, while practitioners of horse and camel rides often founded their tents in its valleys, and there are many paths and pistles that help in practicing car and motorcycle racing, and there tourists gather with the people of the oases at summer parties. And a Bedouin barbecue dinner.

And within the west, where the Siwa Oasis, which is found 300 kilometers from the town of Marsa Matruh, is one in every of the areas rich in tourist potentials that make it a destination for safari tourism, especially because it is classed among the 9 most isolated sites on the earth, so camping lovers and people seeking medical tourism visit it. .

Although the New Valley is additionally famous for safari tourism, it's also an open museum to review desert environments and phenomena, Geography, fossils and wildlife, because it contains inscriptions and mummies dating back to the prehistoric era, additionally to a gaggle of rare tombs and caves, additionally to the unique chalky calcareous geological formations, especially within the White Desert, and its visitors usually prefer camping, so there's no other place that shows all This number of stars dot the sky, because the extragalactic nebula is clearly visible in its sky above the rocks.

And within the depths of the southern western desert, safari tourism is spread within the Gulf of Kabir region, which has a part of 7,770 km, and consists of limestone sandstone, which was called by this name Prince Kamal al-Din, the son of Sultan Hussein in 1926 when he intercepted his caravan, that Gilf rises from the encircling desert About 300 meters, it's interspersed with several valleys, including Wadi Talah, Wadi Abdel Malik and Wadi Hamra, and it's a singular nature of distinguished international importance that has placed it on the international ecotourism map.

In the south, specifically Darb al-Arbaeen, which was a trade route between Egypt and Sudan, excavations of ancient caravan animals that died from the warmth and thirst are spread on either side, and safari trips are usually concentrated in an exceedingly number of areas, the foremost important of which is that the Al-Owainat border area between Egypt, Libya and Sudan, and also the Silica region. The glass, with crystalline green rocks, from which the green material that adorned the necklace of Tutankhamun was extracted, indicating that the pharaohs arrived within the region three thousand years ago, additionally to the Wadi “Tire”, the valley of “Hamra”, and a cave. Al-Mistkawi, which contains over two thousand images of the inscriptions and drawings of the primary man, who settled within the region quite 10 thousand years ago

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