written By: MedhatAbd El Rahman Ibrahim 09 Oct

Abu Simbel temple be decorated with the first astronomical complex for observing the stars in Africa?

Along the west bank of the great river "Nile" lies Nasser Lake where Abu Simble Temples the magnificent pharonic monuments are 300 m. far away from Aswan High Dam, Along the east bank of the river there is a large area of land over looking Nasser's Lake, quite, warm and clear sky that

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Written by: Mostapha Abdel Salam, Translated by: R kamel 21 Sep

Alamein Memorial: a witness to the foremost important battles of the Second warfare

Sixty-six years ago, specifically on the twenty-fourth of October of the year 1954, the cemeteries of El Alamein were inaugurated, which contain the remains of nearly 20 thousand soldiers, additionally to about 50 thousand names of missing soldiers within the battles that occurred within the city

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Written by: Marwa Raslan, Translated by: R kamel 08 Sep

Safari in Egypt: Sand skiing tourism

"Safari" .. is one amongst the kinds of road trips that Egypt is known for round the world, Mary places that are rich in it made it a destination for that sort of tourism, especially as these places combine primitive tranquility and therefore the fragrantness of history, additionally to

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Written by: Marwa Raslan, Translated by :R kamel 03 Sep

Al-Rayan Valley Waterfalls: Habitat for migratory birds and rarer deer

For nearly half a century, the Egyptian government decided to create a canal and tunnel through the Western Sahara, eight kilometres long, from the western side of the low-lying Faiyum region, which led to the flow of surplus agricultural wastewater from the Faiyum Oasis to wadi al-Rayyan, creating

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Wrote by: mostapha abd el-salam, Translated by : R kamel 29 Aug

lions Qasr El Nil Bridge: From guarding the Giza Zoo to embellish the oldest bridge on the Nile

"They were alleged to stand as guards on the animals of the Giza Zoo, but their breathtaking beauty told Khedive Ismail ali to use them to brighten the oldest bridge on the Nile".. I don't think that anyone in Egypt knows this information, when he started building the bridge

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