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Reported by :Egyptian Geographic, Translated by: R kamel 17 Oct

When the Nile was up to the pyramids 160 years ago

More than 160 years ago, Haram Street was just a stream branching from the Nile, and also the encompassing areas were empty agricultural lands, and in 1869 Khedive Ismail ordered the paving of Al Haram Street in preparation for receiving the kings and heads of states of the earth to Egypt to attend

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Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset 26 Feb

"The Bay Caravan" .. The oldest painting of Pharaoh island and Salah Al-Din's castle

Many European painters have become famous for their collection of paintings which they produced during 1840s about Egypt and countries in The Near East during their exploratory expeditions. "The Bay Caravan" was painted in 1839 by the scottish painter "David Roberts" . The

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Photo by Eslam Quotb 26 Feb

Innocence on Qasr El Nile bridge

a child is waiting for his sister to bring him his favorite meal which consists of a loaf of bread and a piece of chicken. This photo was taken to document innocence on Qasr El Nile bridge.

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Photo by: Eslam Quotb 26 Feb

Egypt on the walls of the monasteries

"From Egypt, I invited my son with this verse in the Bible of Matthew in which egypt was mentioned , to emphasize that Egypt has always been a safe haven". On the walls of the monastery of saint Samaan, this text was accompanied by a painting of "Jesus Christ" embraced by his

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Photo by: Maryam Gamal 26 Feb

"The girls of the ruler by God's command" .. having fun in his court

Once you step on the court of "the ruler with God's command" mosque, your attention will be drawn to these two young children who used to walk through the gate of the mosque every day to play in its court.During our second exploratory trip to the school pupils in Al Moez Street,Which

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