Clay palaces were built 800 years ago

The Red Oasis: an Algerian pearl in the heart of the Great Sahara

"The pearl of the desert".. this is often how I described in brotherly Algeria, it's characterized by a novel architectural and concrete character. it's surrounded on all sides by hills and tiny hills that gave it a degree of privacy, so i used to be taken refuge for everybody searching for peace and tranquility within the heart of the desert.


this unique Algerian city, with its palms, its ancient palaces, and its cultural history, is found in southern Algeria at an altitude of 288 meters within the Gourara region, west of the Tadmait plateau, within the northern a part of the state of Idrar, which is about 210 km off from it, and it's also aloof from the capital. Algeria is about 1,400 kilometers, and its area is 1,000 square kilometers, and it's inhabited by over four thousand people.

"Timimoun" is characterized by a hot climate in summer and warm in winter. the typical annual temperature is approximately 25 degrees Celsius, or about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, with little rain throughout the year. Its inhabitants belong to the Amazigh race and are known locally because the Zinnati community in relevancy the language of the Zenati population.


The oases of dense palms, desert plants, and palaces built between the sand dunes, all painted a plastic painting receptive the vast desert landscape, which painting increases in beauty with sunset, and therefore the withdrawal of the last strands of the day sneaking from between the sand dunes, in an exceedingly scene where the sun meets the world, it's a sight which will only be seen within the vast deserts.

Its red houses are the primary thing which will catch your eye as soon as you set foot on its land. Red bricks are the most staple for construction and architecture. Even palaces built them with local red bricks, which makes everyone who visits them describe them because the “red oasis.” There are about 40 palaces in Timimoun where people live The oasis, the palace could be a residential complex surrounded by fields, orchards and palm oases, which supplies the palace the luxurious nature of nature, and also the most vital of those palaces are Masin, Bani Muhalal, Badrian, and Turkuk.


In the past, and before the people of the oasis invented those red palaces, they accustomed build housing complexes, called "Al Qasabat". That cave, four watchtowers high, reveals the distant horizon.

Some of the traditional kasbahs, built by the ancestors of the Algerians, date from to the twelfth century. the foremost important of those is that the “Egzer” Kasbah, which is about 40 kilometers from the town of Timimoun, below which extends a really large cave, and it's still one among the biggest tourist destinations for visitors to the region. there's also the kasbah "Aglad", which is found about 60 kilometers north of the town.


The Red Oasis Hotel is one amongst the foremost prominent tourist attractions within the center of "Timimoun". it absolutely was inbuilt 1920, and as was common, this oasis was built of red bricks inscribed within the Islamic way. it absolutely was visited by many important figures, perhaps the foremost important of them, the Secretary-General of the international organisation "Javier Perez de Cuellar, within the forties of the last century, and Maria Teresa, duchess of Luxembourg, stayed there for several days when she visited the oasis.

As for the foremost important historical monuments within the region, Zawyet Dabbagh comes at the highest of the list. it's a military barracks that was used at the time of the French colonialism in 1900, supported the tactic of old palaces, but in recent years it's became a spiritual corner, and therefore the oasis also has some landmarks. Established by the French, like the Sudan Gate, which is taken into account the doorway to the traditional city, and it had been a gateway for the passage of trade caravans to Africa, and therefore the Gourara Hotel on the sting of town, a building designed by the French architect Fernand Bollion.


The palm oases within the middle of sand dunes and arid deserts played a task in making Timimoun a novel tourist destination, because it is sometimes the best turnout for it. Its visitors, especially Europeans, like to camp among the palm trees, especially with the presence of some "drugs" or water wells, which are connected to every other on Network body of waterways.

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