Special investigations

written By: mostapha Abdel Salam, Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset 09 Oct

The birth of “travel photography” in Egypt 170 years ago

Ever since Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) briefly conquered Egypt in 1799, the French had been fascinated with the mysterious East as this distant and exotic place, holder of mysterious and ancient secrets, The psychological phenomenon of Othering an entire region is known today as Orientalism but

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Written by: Mostapha Abdel Salam, Translated by: R kamel 16 Sep

The Battle of Imbaba: Napoleon Bonaparte Road to Cairo

222 years ago, specifically on the twenty-first of July 1798, and as soon because the raging battle between the Mamluks led by Murad Bey and Ibrahim Bey, and also the French armies led by General Bonaparte, ended with the defeat of the Mamelukes within the desert stretching between the town of

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Written by: Marwa Raslan, Translated: Rkamel 09 Aug

Forbidden land.. Mass graves of victims of epidemics and viruses

“When all this ends, we'll give him a true funeral ought to have him”.. Crying words echoed by the Italian adult female, Marta Manfredi, as soon as she learned that her grandfather Alfredo Vesioli, who was infected with the coronavirus, was buried alone, without a funeral, without

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Written by: Mustafa Abd El Salam- Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset- Photos by Mohammed Omar,Ebrahim Mahmoud 22 May

Ramadan in Egypt .. Heritage of the Nile Valley civilization

"Ramadan in Egypt is different from any other country"... an expected answer of any visitor to Egypt in this holy month. All of his rites are a legitimate legacy of every civilization witnessed by the Nile Valley what give this month a special flavor differs from the rest of the Islamic

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Written by: Mustafa Abd El Salam -Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset - Photos by: Eslam Qoutb and Nourhan Al Fayed 19 Mar

The Nile River...The symbol of civilization that our ancestors called god

In Assiut governorate, the poet "Mahmoud Hassan Ismail" sat on the shore of the Nile in his village to listen to that conversation between the Nile, the palms and the trees,to realize that eternal encounter between that river and palm leaf. He tried to express his feeling in a poem

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