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post coronavirus world is more developed with artificial intelligence

The post-Corona world may be more developed .. more dependent on artificial intelligence.” With those words that may seem simple, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Zahir, a pioneer of artificial intelligence journalism and a researcher at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Journalism, started his scientific study, revealing a difference The post-Corona world "Covid-19", and that this world will be more developed in many areas, indicating that it was inferred from some of the leaps in health care methods, media technology, social media technology, distance education, international relations Political, and finally those big alliances of tech giants.


Dr. Abdel-Zahir explained in an integrated scientific study the most important areas that will witness a major technological development, the field of health care, which showed the Corona crisis that many solutions and technologies, which led the world during the Corona crisis, and that these solutions will continue beyond Corona in the growth and development.

The researcher pointed to the solutions presented by the crisis in the fields of the work environment, study and learning, which were driven by the current crisis, which positively affects the future work environment and the world's greater reliance on new technologies for work and distance education, and pushes investments further in those technologies and solutions in the future, Pointing out the role of technological development, and how it has affected many international powers and the regulation of relations between countries, as some of the new forces that possess solutions and technologies in the areas of health care and human service, compared to military or political powers before Corona, stand out.


The study confirmed that the Corona crisis has restored cooperative relations between major pharmaceutical and technology companies, and that for the first time, these companies have made alliances to exit an anti-virus drug, explaining that these companies have already graduated from the stage of fierce competition to cooperation and integration in the face of challenges facing man, because in the end Damaging its interests in the first place, at the same time the study reviewed some ways of cooperation between Google and Facebook, Apple and Amazon and some of the technology giants in the world.

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