It reached 210 countries around the world

Coronavirus ... the most prevalent in the modern era

In the first half of December of 2019, China announced the first cases of acute respiratory disease associated with the emerging corona virus 2019, known briefly as “Covid- 19”, in Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei, and on January 9, the first confirmed death occurred Affected by the virus, and on January 13, the virus spread to Thailand, then Japan less than 48 hours later, and in the following week he arrived in the United States of America, before moving to Europe on January, to begin spreading in the least 100 days To 210 countries, in addition to two modes of transportation around the world.


For the full four months, the virus has infected 2 million 372 thousand people worldwide, and it has caused the death of 163 thousand people, 6.9% of those infected, and not more than 611 thousand infected with it, or 25.8% of those infected, who follow the schedule of "Corona" Virus "which the Ministry of Health is preparing to monitor the developments of the epidemic around the world, will find that Corona is a virus that is spreading around the world almost for the first time since 1918, so that on January 31, 2020 there were only 11 thousand 950 cases infected around the world, and by the end of February, infected 74 thousand new patients, an increase of about six times, and by the end of March the number had increased ten times - to reach more than 773 thousand patients, and on the eighteenth of April, more than one million and 470 thousand new patients.

As for the victims who killed by the virus, the number of deaths until the end of January 2020 did not exceed only 259 victims, and in February it managed 2718, an increase of about ten times, and by the end of last March 39 thousand 343 new victims died, an increase of 14 times once, Until the end of this April 18, about 103,151 new victims died, three times the number of victims, and Europe has captured 68.3% of the victims, followed by North America with 25.1%, and Asia 4.8%.

The strange thing is that all health indicators and estimates around the world have confirmed that the new Corona virus is one of the less deadly viruses than any viruses or other factors that cause other diseases around the world, despite the seemingly fatal rates of death that have not occurred for decades, for example, SARS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and Ebola, known as “EVD,” but at the same time it spreads very easily among millions of people, all studies confirm that viral reproduction, which is the estimated value Because of the strength of the virus, it can transmit infection to only two or three people, which of course varies from one situation and environment to another.

Researchers have made many comparisons between the "Covid-19" pandemic, and some other pandemics to know how strong and widespread the Corona virus is, for example the SARS pandemic in 2003 and 2003, in both cases new coronaviruses have arisen in China, and then spread to various Around the world, causing chaos, and an economic catastrophe, however, there are significant differences between the evolution of each outbreak, especially in terms of the speed and extent of the spread, in spite of that state in which the world lives due to the widespread "Coffid-19", scientists have proven that Not as deadly as "SARS".

- World Health Organization (who)

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