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Marionette industry: The art of moving dolls

“The big night, my uncle, and also the world could be a lot ... several chawaders from the countryside and Al Banadir.” Six decades ago, the poet Salah Jahin created for us the words of the operetta that lived immortal in our conscience, simple words but formed the conscience of generations, and it seems that they're going to live long, although the operetta was made Especially for youngsters, the puppet-maker, the artist Salah El-Sakka, played a task in establishing this principle together with his brides, but the employers have mastered the presentation of a masterpiece, a masterpiece that affected the old and also the young, and its influence was even passed all the way down to generations who didn't live his industry.


On the night of First of May, 1961, on stage, the audience welcomed the primary operetta of the Marionette brides in Egypt, dancing to the rhythms of the musician mastered by the musician Syed Mikawi, the viewers couldn't believe themselves after they watched these brides perform professional oriental dances, or ride horses As if it were knowledgeable field fiction who was good at dancing with the stick, what made everyone feel joy and fascination at the identical time, what makes us wonder that art, and therefore the way it had been made ?, And what are the stages that it goes through to seem therein dazzling image on the stage?.

A short trip to Ain Shams, an ancient city located east of Cairo, where one among the foremost important workshops for creating marionette brides of every kind, owned by artist Amr Salah, who confirmed that marionette brides are divided into three different sections, wooden, dough and fingers, despite the difference within the stuff. However, the strategy of manufacture doesn't differ, whether or not the wooden brides rely on beech wooden panels, then they're take away small pieces consistent with the look, using the chisel to create the bride, determine its nature and performance, then connect these structures by hinges, then begin to create the face and body, it's the foremost professional and accurate stage.

Once the marionette maker finishes sculpting the face, the stage of coloring the bride begins, then the stage of designing the garments which will correspond to the story within which she is going to enter, and eventually the stage of balance, which is that the most difficult stage for the marionette maker, as he seeks to succeed in a degree of balance for the bride with a powerful thin thread, which is that the same The thread utilized by fishermen within the rod, which is of the strength that allows to hold a weight of up to 74 kg, which thread is installed from the front of the top, behind it and therefore the ears during a wooden scale within the type of a plus letter (+) connecting all, then placing control points from The strings are within the areas of the sort of bride, if she could be a dancer, the most control area are going to be within the middle, and if she could be a player, then the control point are concentrated within the arms, and so on.

After the marionette makers confirm of the success of the equilibrium process, it begins within the conclusion, which is that the animation stage, which could be a stage within which talent and study mix, art with perfection, that the bride's engine must enter into a state of coexistence with the character who will move, in order that he can feel her movement in keeping with her type Its function is on the stage, and here the engine faces a much bigger problem, which is that the ability to maneuver that bride from a height of roughly 2 meters, a distance that needs a light-weight doll to be easily controlled, which is what the wooden bride lacks, unlike other types.

As for the dough bride, it's one in every of the foremost important crafts that need a distinct skill, so most marionette craftsmen don't seem to be good at making it, and it's going to take approximately 45 days for it to return out optimally, so it's subject to variety of stages and details that are characterized by accuracy than the wooden bride, whether or not it addresses its defects , and therefore the manufacturing process begins by making the dough that you simply will form first, and it consists of a combination of froth, sawdust and paperboard mixed with an adhesive substance represented in "glue", then that paste is placed on deaf molds that form the face of the specified bride, then it's exposed within the sun for several days until the artist can start up the paste face after it reaches the hardening stage, then the face enters the following stage, which is that the stage of coating with liquid white plastic, then it's left for several more days, until the face reaches a bright white color.

As for the stage of sculpting the face, it's done by some iron tools like a cooler, which facilitates the repair of the face made from dough if there's a slip within the carving process, then the face enters a brand new phase of painting, which is that the general color of the bride, before it's left within the sun several Days, until the ultimate color is fixed, then then the bride is subjected to the stages of coloring, clothes and final shape, then the top is attached to the body by metal hinges or flexible hinges manufactured from leather, then the stage of scale and movement during a way that doesn't differ from the wooden brides, and also the bride reaches the dough Roughly half the burden of the wooden bride, which helps the engine have more control over it.

The third type, the finger bride, is that the easiest type to manufacture, and doesn't need great craftsmanship, and anyone can learn to manufacture it easily, because the face of the bride is created of any light material, then her features are well drawn, and therefore the clothes are designed, and no body is created for her, only the top and also the clothes, and therefore the engine puts his hand inside the garments to be along with his three fingers to regulate the bride, and therefore the forearm forms her body, and therefore the bride is "rudely", one amongst the foremost famous of these brides.


But when those brides were called "marionette", an Italian word sense doll, which could be a comprehensive art that mixes sculpture, drawing, coloring, decoration, the art of selecting clothes, representative coexistence with the character and moving the character, but because the artist Amr Salah said: "It doesn't have fixed rules, nor can two Artists can make the identical bride in one form whether or not they engrave it from one image, because the artist’s soul interferes with every character he creates, and this suggests that the identical artist cannot make the identical bride twice in an exceedingly row.

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