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written by: Mohamed Abdel Salam, Randa Borhan 17 Dec

From malaria to corona: a history of epidemics in Egypt

“A punishment from the gods infects man and not other living creatures .. a punishment that inflicts a mosquito to eliminate that evil that dominated our country”.. Thus the Egyptian crossed over 3500 years ago, when the land of Egypt was struck by a plague of malaria, and a pestilence

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report by: Egyptian Geographic, Translated by :R Kamel 27 Sep

Egyptian inventions: The sundial, wig, and pharaonic brush

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptian technology reached its peak, and plenty of ancient Egyptian inventions astonished us for its technological progress, but the pages of history turned many of them, to be attributed to other countries, or be reinvented for some centuries. Ago. The

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Written by :Mohamed Abdel Salam, Translated by :R Kamel 27 Sep

Virologist: The first to settle on Earth and the least threatening to humans

More than four billion years ago, that is, less than six hundred million years after the formation of the Earth, some simple cells, known as "unicellular," were formed, and primitive life began, which means that these viruses preceded the modern man who appeared on Earth before 200,000

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Wrote By: Alzhraa Sami and Translation by: R kamel 22 Sep

Antarctica pyramids: Did the Egyptians transfer their civilization to Antarctica ?!

Did the Ancient Egyptians build pyramids in Antarctica? Or are those pyramids made by aliens?.. a matter that some thought was naive, but after all it began to require great steps towards certainty since 2016, when Ancient Origins magazine, based within the Republic of Ireland, which may be a

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Translated by Mirna Ayman, R kamel 21 Sep

Elephants genes produce anticancer drugs

Why do elephants not develop cancerous tumors? .. an issue that cell scientists and cancer oncologists often tried to answer it. within the past, scientists thought that sharks don't develop cancer, but they found that they also develop cancer, which implies that elephants, those larger

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