Report By: Egyptian Geographic,Translated by: R kamel

The Llama: the animal that spits within the face of these who make it angry

When an animal gets angry, expect anything from it, a kick with one in all its feet, a painful bite with its killer teeth, or maybe a bite from its cruel head, but to work out an animal when it gets angry spits the face of its rioters and spits it with the utmost precision, as if it were a base for launching guided missiles.


The llama animal .. Its name, one amongst "the Camels" species, is endemic to the Andes mountains in South America, and is abundant in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and northwest Argentina, and you discover it spread in most zoos within the world, inside those gardens is subjected to plenty of harassment and also the stress as a results of hikers riding for long hours, which causes him to fireside his shells by spitting and hitting the "rider's face" with enviable accuracy, and since this spit causes skin irritation, it's an unpleasant bath for both the unjust passenger and also the rowdy spectator.

This animal is employed in Peru from earlier period to hold weights, and when the Spaniards invaded South America they found that silver was being brought from the mines over the backs of the llama, and therefore the height of this animal is about four feet to the shoulder, with a brown or white color, or a mix of those two colors. he's black, resembling a camel in his stubborn character, as he stops walking if he feels that his load is heavy, and if his owner insists on continuing to steer, he turns his head and provides him a shower of successive spits.

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