In a special interview by "Egyptian Geographic"

An Egyptian researcher discovers the mystery of star burst and Big Bang out of the blue

I found it .. I found it!! .. That cry wasn't to the Sicilian mathematician and physicist Archimedes now, but to an Egyptian researcher at the University of "Central Florida", who discovered, purely out of the blue, the mystery of the initial spark with which the universe was ignited by Big Bang with which the universe began, by simulating What happened within the beginning of the universe, by causing an explosion inside a tube with a extent of no over 4 square inches.


The story began five years ago, when Dr. Kareem Ahmed, a member of the Propulsion and Energy work at the University of Central Florida, sought to assist his team test the propulsion systems within the engines embedded in spacecraft, which may travel at supersonic speeds, and also the fire was explored for propulsion and power engines. to undertake to create flame produce more energy, but it's effective and clean by mixing turbulence and its pressure, in conditions above five times the speed of sound, which led to the exploration of this mechanism that applies not only to engines but also to exploding stars.

According to the Egyptian researcher in a very speech to "Egyptian Geographic", turbulent flames drive our way of life on Earth through many power generation and propulsion systems, like gas turbines, combustion, and jet engines. They also power the universe through the energy produced. In stars, like solar stars, which once exploded form so-called bone colonies.


A member of the Propulsion and Energy laboratory at the University of Central Florida explained that the aim of those experiments isn't only a trial to grasp the expansion of the universe, or maybe to get the key of the large Bang, but also to develop very high-power engines to come up with electric energy, and to develop high-speed supersonic engines, especially on flights. Supersonic, moreover as rocket propulsion engines, which are more powerful compared to the engines used to this point, indicating that this experience will help increase the speeds of high-speed flights, which increase their speed by five times the speed of sound, which helps reduce the flight from Cairo to the big apple from 11 hours to hour only.

As for the study itself only, it absolutely was discovered purely out of the blue, when the team noticed that the fireplace emitted from the engines could accelerate on its own without the necessity for a rise within the amount of fuel, which when he was exploring the way within which the hearth is pushed out from the engines, in a trial to create those fires It produces more energy in a very simpler and clean way, which made them wonder about the reason for this unique phenomenon, especially since the energy that started our universe caused an explosion of the primary kind of "flare", which led to an explosion of the second "explosive" type, which led to the acceleration and expansion of the universe As we all know it now.


The Egyptian researcher confirmed that the team under his chairmanship is currently researching many modern procedures and studies on turbulent flame, which is that the basis of the many modern energy and propulsion systems, like turbine engines, burning engines for scrambling vehicles, and rotary blasting engines, indicating that the team He prepares to explore robotic engines and discovered theory for propulsion technologies for air and spacefaring, still as ultra-high-powered engines to get current.

It is noteworthy that Kareem Ahmed, the lead author of the study, has Egyptian roots, as his parents are Egyptian, and he holds a PhD in engineering science from the University of Buffalo, USA, and has worked for a protracted time within the field of military engines, and he's a member of the American Academy of Navigation and Space, additionally to being a researcher at the University Central Florida, and a college member at the middle for Advanced Energy Research.

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